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By A Mystery Man Writer

This was extremely comfortable the first time I tried it on after it arrived, so I was alarmed when it felt pretty suffocating after the drive to the dance class I wanted to wear it for. However, it started feeling a lot better about halfway through the stretching at the beginning of the class and by the end it wasn't any more noticeable than an average sports bra. It was actually easier to get it off while sweaty than it was to get it on while dry! I have a fairly small/medium sized chest (approximately 36in bust, 34in underbust) but I like how my clothes look over a flatter chest, and while this didn't make me completely flat it definitely helped a lot. There are only two things that really bother me on it. The first is the tightness of the shoulder straps, but I have extremely sensitive shoulder/neck muscles so the fact that this bra didn't give me a headache despite tight shoulders is pretty amazing. I actually bought this because I can't wear anything racerback, the straps sitting so close to my neck causes agonizing tension headaches. I'm hoping this will stretch a bit with use and become comfortable for everyday wear, but even if it doesn't it works fine for short things like dance class. The second thing I'm not crazy about is how much it squeezes my underarm/back fat area, it thankfully doesn't seem to be too visible under clothes but it's a bit uncomfortable. I'm hoping this will also resolve as I wear it more and break it in. Overall I'm quite pleased with this bra and do recommend it if you want moderate binding that's safe for exercising, and definitely try stretching (your body, not the bra) if you feel like it's too tight at first.

Support Factor Rating: High, Ideal for high-impact activities such as running, dance, netball, football, tennis, aerobics, basketball, bootcamp., In

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