Heavenly Jalapeño Mustard by Raye's Mustard

By A Mystery Man Writer

Glass jar; Raye’s Mustard

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, From the moment it touches the tip of your tongue, this smooth brown mustard infused with fresh chopped jalapeno peppers will get your attention!

Raye's Heavenly Jalapeno Mustard (9 oz.)

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Homemade Honey Mustard Sauce* #honeymustard #homemadesauces #viral #f

Small batch crafted all natural stone ground. A very Jalappealing flavor! Ingredients:Deep well water, blended whole mustard seeds, jalapeno peppers,

Heavenly Jalapeno - Raye's Mustard

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Raye's Heavenly Jalapeno Mustard (9 oz.) - Zeb's General Store

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